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we must integrate the shadow
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Celestial Memories
God how I have prayed to never fall prey
to the nectarine gossamer caught on the
cornerstone of your mouth,
a celestial house
Lips radiating like redshift,
indomitable as quasars with
enough poignancy to pierce through my very pulse while
you create maps, circumnavigating through these
black holes that you bore into my being and very core as
my spirit surrendered to your summons long before
I am an ocean of stark emptiness and
you are seemingly endless seas of starburst
You leave and I break into
cold sweat, blueshift and pale skin
Memories of starry night, air on the g string and
cigarette stained fingers about coffee drained tongues
hang on for dear life like
deadening leaves on dampening bark fearing the
fast approaching icy drafts
No matter the nebulae and speed of light,
no matter there be an earth or home to return to or not,
you are for always where I end and
In you is my equinox and
together we shall always lay down and
die only to lay in each others arms soon and
:iconsammur-amat:Sammur-amat 20 43
A Parenthesis
You were (a parenthesis, that paused
the daily, mundane stuff
of life;
a bundled breath
of fresh joy,
and borne in the wonder
of love.
Gasping and grasping,
'til in quiet you laid
and I, my Child,
lie in quiet, still
And now, that is all you are,
and still so much more.
:iconchangers-n-mash:changers-n-mash 168 84
there's something.
there's something—
i don't know if i can tell you
or just leave it on a wordless breath
with the rest of these confessions
that pass from my lungspace
to your neck.
there's something—
but i'm not keeping secrets;
there's a garden of seeds unsprouted
buried in your fibers, where i
laid my last guilty conscience and
slept unsoundly, pressing my hands
to your chest, clawing until my nails
were black and gritty.
there's something—
and i'd like to tell you, make sense
of the nights i just can't. i just can't
when the azaleas are dry and the rattling
begins at your thighs, when your touch
is the gardener's seeking my tongue
for rain water, asking for another
honest downpour.
there's something—
someday, i'll climb the trellis and
end your drought.
:iconglossolalias:glossolalias 20 10
learning to hear the unspoken
i hear your pencil
drag atop the paper
and subtle breaths drawn.
i wonder, as i
let my mind wander
down winding paths
and through lonely fields.
trees are barren.
the frost nips at your heels
when you walk too slow.
every release from my
heavy lungs
looks like smoke.
i hesitate to speak,
afraid the words will waft away
never reaching the crook of your neck
where i want them to nest.
"i love you," is all i can muster -
never feeling it weighs enough.
i imagine a tongue
unwoven, unbound;
i pretend that my heart
is full of profound
words -
unheard by angel,
by beast.
my head is wrapped
in thick fog;
though, i fancy it with feathers
in flight
through a bright, moonlit summer's eve.
it's clear amongst cloudless skies.
here we travel freely, unafraid,
unabashed -
our souls speak.
no words will ever be enough.
:iconhfeather53:Hfeather53 15 14
temptations too big to swallow
Today I swallowed an apple -
thought about chewing, later.
Much later.
Even though they say it's
never too late, I knew it was.
My face morphed quickly -
red, purple, blue;
and they all sang along
in a chorus of ooo's and ahhh's
as I faded into the backdrop
and fell through that
trap door (the one we used
for props backstage)
But I was no prop and you
were no stagehand (even
if you were you still
wouldn't have known what
to do with me)
. I was much
too real for you.
I tempted you with my fruit
and you gnawed at my throat,
dislodging all those filthy
red words (every one of them true).
I died, there behind
a thicket of crimson curtains
(and I've never felt more alive).
:iconhfeather53:Hfeather53 3 7
enter into the lands
you've been granted
but not freely;
a price you've paid
as a way was paved
passed my every memory.
barren rose bushes
reach out,
attempting to grasp
their last chance
at life.
scars beg for
remembrance as
arms push outwards
"Let them heal, please,"
you say.
I press into
your back
bringing my arms
into my breast
and try to silence
the dull pulse
in each gash.
I cannot see
what you see
in these lifeless
with clouds and thunder
threatening to drown
and evaporate every
my only requisition
upon this journey's end -
that your eyes
are not scarred and scabbed,
becoming impossible to see
the roads leading us home.
:iconhfeather53:Hfeather53 7 10
Come, Spring.
pull my velvet petals apart.
rip out the thorns that line my spine.
i will weep sweetly
with sticky drops of mildew.
take my infectious spores
and give them a loving home,
as you breathe in my scent
and it lingers too long.
perfumed with innocence and fraility,
my candied-flesh intoxicates.
drape my yellowed sex upon your skin
and give life to these pieces,
these remnants of me,
that become nothings i once knew
without a gracious host.
luscious-apple-reds turn to rust
and finally burned-browns.
strip me of the dead,
i've eagerly tried to birth life from,
and bring me fields of beauty
come spring.
:iconhfeather53:Hfeather53 14 18
leech jar
and with a rusty scalpel
  (which I always have on hand)
I deflower myself,
       to thwart others' ungainly fingers.
I make careful incisions
  on wrists, ribs, pelvis;
         but this pesky skin keeps
knitting itself back together
         (albeit imperfectly)
when I and my lancet
we make poor surgeons,
my heart and I.
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 44 62
little white pills
(swallow, swallow, swallow)
greeted only by a
slight blurring of reality
about the edges
and the sudden inability to
is this what they mean by "happiness"?
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 15 19
Kill the Gods
Forgotten gods cluster together like constellations of post-mortem scars forming,
crystallised ocean remnants,
salt pressed and tattooed on the skin of human history
composing salt crystals and fingerprints and decomposing like dying cells and skeleton leaves.
The tides of us, washed and blurred at the edges,
smoothed like fossilised wood and glass pebbles littering waves of resurrections
reborn and torn asunder
the thunder of their hearts silenced as they
sleep (if gods sleep at all)
in infinity with the fishes on the ocean bed
(the quiet ocean death) of humanity’s collective
I wonder where the ghosts of gods go
where the scales of those sleeping fishes lie on that soft sea bed
without a priest or saint to exorcise the remains
of prayers whispered in those uneasy heads.
In ruined churches or over the mouths of graves
kissed into temple walls that crumble before these dying lords
and ladies.
We kill them in still mornings
when our faith fades under the sunlight, ev
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 30 16
too long
i’ve held watch
over slovens in my chrysalis
rooting in my diaries,
in toilets
and in traffic.
i dream of razing their genitals.
if not for this ugly sycophant . . .
if not for limestone
into mud
how would i know
what instincts have been rewarded?
if i hadn’t made things
tree lines as noble architects,
a face, some godly panic
then i’d just see a headless corpse
some cat had torn
from shallow burrows
instead of this:
                          an Algernon
as still
and as holy
the flowers
that you left.
:iconspoems:spoems 29 29
into the sea below
a lock on a door, in a place well-known
the withered-windy-whisper wood, whickered-flickered candlelight
soft illuminations and hints of dazzling-decked, twin-leafed
cardinal vascular canvas.
a musical blend of blue and grey.
the lock on a door, in a place well-worn
beneath the melancholy-painted, cerulean-white cliffs
and the tri-pigment, undertone-hued sky
never can meet with its widow-burned key.
singular musical drops unwittingly fly
only to fragment and fall
into the sea below.
:iconemster85:emster85 19 14
Earth, In Self-Destruct
Beads of fever rush
flowing over skin,
until they drip
against the concrete faces
Into open cloud-lines, parting
carbon dioxide billows.
The vague angry rays of diffused sun
mingle with the moisture,
infiltrating droplets
as they prepare to fall
as rain
now boiling.
Pouring into Her
as acid, dissolving a path
to the center; to the beating heart.
Seething fire-liquid fills
the chambers, like ale
in the veins
of already well liquored men, seeping
out of pores and rolling off tongues
behind teeth drenched yellow.
The messages
as tears instead of rage
by the sinful stewards
of Her house.
And they keep pissing in the oceans.
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 1 2
Children of Impulse
Paper napkins
and post-it notes,
hold my thoughts like prisoners
by their father.
But there is comfort
in the faint patterns and bright colors,
I hope; in the soft
that I left them in.
And in the thought
that I cared for them
enough to write them down.
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 5 5


Sorry my husband served me divorce papers a week ago last Thursday and I am still dealing. I love him and it will be OK. We were simply not good for each other and I now I have more things to write about.
I have been absent for a long times. Moved to LA, got married. My health is much better thank Kaiser and the Glendale pain center. I hope to see more of you.
I submitted three poems to a book anthology poens, shorty stories and essays about poverty. They accepted all three poems I sent. I am very happy and there will be readings and I love reading out loud. At the moment really no new just rewriting. I going back and looking at poems that share a common landscape and rewriting them to connect even more vividly and that details correspond with each other for hopefully books/ collections. Also,working on the novel. Hope to be submitting some new work soon. The best to everyone.


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