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we must integrate the shadow
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Mama's Jewell - Introduction
     Jewell was fourteen and travelling by train farther than she'd ever been in her life. She was going to San Francisco to meet her mother for the first time. She'd been on a train once before. She went to Galveston when she was nine, with her cousins Alda and Nettie to see lots of water, but this time she had to get dressed up and carry her meals in a cardboard box.
     Jewell was scared. She was even scared of the train itself, but she sat upright, her face solemn. Still, her thoughts jumped from the past to the unknown future while she struggled for bravery. There were so many strangers here!
     She thought about Grandma, who hugged her tight at the little train station at home and said, "Jewell, you'll be back. You be good to your Mama. The way of the transgressor is hard." She thought about Daddy, who didn't wanted her to leave Texas and chased the train, waving 'til he couldn't keep up, 'til he was a
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 9 32
I relax now...
    her illness sleeps.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 24 65
Pickup Lines for the Deranged
I started off trying to write a six-word story with that title:
I broke reality
   falling for you.

Then I got a little carried away.
Methamphetamine's as addicting
   as your smile.
My heart beats out your name.
Light shivers in your presence.

I'd wear your soul like jewelry.
The voices would sing you choruses.
I'd kill the sun
   for you.
Did you fall from extinguished stars?
I'd cross dimensions
    for your laughter.

Your lips are like
       bleeding moonbeams
I bet your tears taste sugar-y.
Tell me if you can think of any! They don't have to be six words.
(I just have to know if anyone else is as weird as me...)
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 8 82
Angels and Humans :iconhands-and-teeth:Hands-and-Teeth 167 53
Mature content
I Don't Love You Anymore :iconbottomofastairwell:bottomofastairwell 71 84
Twins :iconmariannainsomnia:MariannaInsomnia 2,325 154 Jelly Ghoti :iconcaen-n:Caen-N 88 24
Coven of Vexed Hearts
there were four girls
who wore hearts on their arms
each with a different intent;
they wanted to see what they had in common,
and what their symbols meant.
the mousy girl, Penelope
was nothing more than a whisper
"I trace hearts on my arm in pen
and spray them with my mom's perfume
I used to worry no one cared,
I'd sit alone in my own gloom.
The hearts let me remember
I'll always have her
even alone, I can know
someone really loves me.
She's always there."
the breeze trickled through her hair
she brushed her bangs from her quiet face
and Nora outright laughed-
her soul was scarred
just like her arms, permanently marred
disfigured in makeshift hearts
"I've carved and burned hearts in my arm
cause I have none inside.
No one likes me either, girl;
I leave them petrified.
But that's my joy, they hate my art
they've learned to fear these pretty hearts.
I am different.
I wear my wounds like ready weapons
that's the gift, when you inflict them on yourself."
she chuckled, tracing the patterns
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 20 47
Cyanide Mind
I lost my voice
choking on my own tongue.
The words still spill out
from my eyes.
I bit my lips raw
hoping to stem the flow,
but ideas still drip
from my fingertips.
A soggy brain leaks, I suppose
and all my thoughts taste like tar
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 31 41
XV :iconporomaa:Poromaa 7 4 Hang Around :iconporomaa:Poromaa 42 21 There is a Zebra Outside My Window :iconporomaa:Poromaa 466 115
Girl as Color
Color the girl shell pink
or magnolia -
some rare vintage of wine
or a bright Italian circus,
and I shall call her mine.
Color her starling grey
or a sudden shade
of window,
daylight glistening like a puzzle
and I will claim her mouth.
Paint us both some new corner
or furniture,
a fresh tone of orchestra
and ripened lemons,
and I swear I will be true.
:iconscarlettletters:Scarlettletters 155 81
Strange how the swans did not return
to the lake that June,
almost as if they knew something
the rest of us did not -
some savage instinct or glorious flaw
christened and drowning in the water.
Their nests had been plucked clean, deflowered -
the eggs all gone,
the water choked thick and spiteful
with weeds.
The dock stood as always - knee deep in reeds
and apathy, the bald wood
showing its age and wobbling.
The tide brought its witness -
the wide, yellow maw of pollen
forbidding the surface to move.
You stood on the shore and poked
the sand with a stick as if expecting
it to to get up and walk away and surprised
when it did not make a sound.
I wondered what you were thinking
while you stared out over the water,
holding your breath like a bucket of stones.
Your lips never moved but I could hear
you talking -
blithe and unseen sounds nestling
in the crater of late afternoon.
And the kites kept their distance
all summer, never noticing the mercury
bursting from the thermometers or how
:iconscarlettletters:Scarlettletters 148 93
Hitchhiker :iconzacky-vengance:Zacky-Vengance 2 45
"Crows," I whisper and she flies,
brown arrow shot
from the bowstring of a word.
:iconriparii:riparii 376 270


Sorry my husband served me divorce papers a week ago last Thursday and I am still dealing. I love him and it will be OK. We were simply not good for each other and I now I have more things to write about.
I have been absent for a long times. Moved to LA, got married. My health is much better thank Kaiser and the Glendale pain center. I hope to see more of you.
I submitted three poems to a book anthology poens, shorty stories and essays about poverty. They accepted all three poems I sent. I am very happy and there will be readings and I love reading out loud. At the moment really no new just rewriting. I going back and looking at poems that share a common landscape and rewriting them to connect even more vividly and that details correspond with each other for hopefully books/ collections. Also,working on the novel. Hope to be submitting some new work soon. The best to everyone.


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I have been gone for a long time. I moved to LA, got married. My husband proposed to me while we fed the ducks of the LA River. My pain is finally under control, bless Kaiser and the Glendale Pain Control Center. I have missed DA but I am curious I have submitted a few poems to magazine and have gotten published but I am unsure if a magazine says they will accept any poem published on the web do they mean DA? Would I be breaking their submission guidelines if I submitted a poem I posted on DA? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Usually what I do is make sure anything I post here is only visible to logged-in users (Sharing: Hide & Require login to view under Publishing Options) and then store or delete it before I send it out. As far as I know the basic rule of thumb is that if you can Google it, you can't submit it.
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