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we must integrate the shadow
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The Fall
"My parents are jerks," she said with a whip of blonde hair.  The girl took a sip of her coffee.  "I mean, seriously."
"What this time?" Mel asked.  Mel hadn't seen Jessie since January, and here it was May, and they'd finally managed to get together in their favorite coffee shop.  When they both graduated high school, Jessie had went away to college while Mel stayed behind, getting a job and an apartment on her own.  Neither of them had ever liked the idea of college (Jessie perhaps even more so than Mel), but Jessie's parents had had higher expectations for her than Mel's had.  Mel rolled her eyes at Jessie's statement about her parents.  They were paying for her education (or at least they had been) and cared for her in a way that Jessie often overlooked, yet she still managed to find fault.
"You know how I flunked out this semester?  Well, they said I have two weeks to get out of their house! 
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Infini-Fridge 9000
Barry loved his Infinity Fridge. Or at least, until he got married, anyway.
At first, it was amazing. As a freshly-recruited maintenance engineer on the Luxury Star Cruiser The Astronut, Barry had found his new home and workplace full wonders. He walked through rooms so tall he couldn't see the sky; he swept up litter from artificial beaches which captured more beauty than the real thing; he watched the stars pass by like rain from the sweeping observation deck.
And, of course, he had his Infinity Fridge.
An Infini-Fridge 9000 was standard-issue hardware for a Luxury class cruiser, but Barry had never seen anything like it. In the slums of his native Bomalomalom, pretty much everything was finite (except perhaps for misery). Water was rationed. Food was served via nutritional pills only. Even electricity was limited to ten tera-watt-hours per day. That was barely enough to run a sens-o-vision sim and have enough left over to purify your evening drink.
So to step into a room with a frid
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A Motel In Limbo
"Got a view of the pool?" I ask.
The small elderly man behind the desk checks the directory.  "How many nights?"
He fishes the keys out from under the desk.  "Room 210, Miss.  Housekeeping comes at eleven, and the pool opens at twelve."
Everything in the room is yellowed, from the numbers on the door to the sheets on the bed.  I make a quick sweep of everything that is there.  I make sure the windows are sealed and that there is nothing suspicious in the nearly-unclean bathroom.  What housekeeping?  I sit down on the bed for today's cocktail of medication, storing the bottles in the nightstand drawer for now.  I take out the bible and toss it to the other side of the room, and someone walks by my window outside.  I light a cigarette (having no idea if this is a smoking or non-smoking room) and head to the door to get a look at the new neighbour.
I pull back the curtain with my free hand to
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Food Coma
it tenses,
the rhythmic cadence clenched. something undulating and alive.
grope for it, reaching and needing, trying to feed.
within a hair's breadth of shrinking,
shriveling, but still expanding.
wrong for more than just one reason.
bloated, bulging, rupturing underbellies.
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 10 0
Do killers dream of oceans -
tucked deep in a cocoon,
spooning their wives
nestled deep in the soft chaos
of their arms?
Do they walk their children
to school, coats neatly
buttoned against strangers,
and take their tiny hands
like wounded birds
in their own,
counting red cars
and clutching bouquets of
daisies for the teacher?
Can they cook chicken soup
like their grandmothers did -
fistfuls of parsley and thyme
to soothe the iron pot,
stirring carrots and potatoes
with the first shift
of autumn's silver maple?
Do they make sandcastles
and leave their footprints
in the middle of July
and count the starfish
that nudge and wink in
the tidepools, their mottled
fingers pointing east?
Or have they only debris -
a life skewed and stretched
beyond human and the
sudden drop of pressure,
a lost companion,
dreading what wells up
from the surface and
sucks them underneath?
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 407 129
and i'll pretend i'm Leo
some days i think you wonder
like i do
the way i thumb my earlobe when i hope that you're not looking
the taste behind my teeth. in
gemini circles, i'd think us a malformed constellation;
being dust specks, i exist as naught but to black hole your world
into other closeness
sometimes i think you're wrong. i can write these words, can i?
i can write them 'cause you never look, you are heavy on me, you are pressed to my hip
and you don't know that I'm writing about you
and yes,
you will miss the point
i think there was a time when you never tried to cover up my voice with other songs.
a box of quartz plucked from the driveway,
i look at it from time to time.
you sway like you're sailing to china—
there are things i can't un-touch and things you'll never understand, the
care and feeding of turtles and why i always
burn of fever, the sickness churns my stomach, your sickness burns my
In point, counterpoint. we'll never forget
what day you shot my eardrums out, or the
shredded fl
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Sorry my husband served me divorce papers a week ago last Thursday and I am still dealing. I love him and it will be OK. We were simply not good for each other and I now I have more things to write about.
I have been absent for a long times. Moved to LA, got married. My health is much better thank Kaiser and the Glendale pain center. I hope to see more of you.
I submitted three poems to a book anthology poens, shorty stories and essays about poverty. They accepted all three poems I sent. I am very happy and there will be readings and I love reading out loud. At the moment really no new just rewriting. I going back and looking at poems that share a common landscape and rewriting them to connect even more vividly and that details correspond with each other for hopefully books/ collections. Also,working on the novel. Hope to be submitting some new work soon. The best to everyone.


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I have been gone for a long time. I moved to LA, got married. My husband proposed to me while we fed the ducks of the LA River. My pain is finally under control, bless Kaiser and the Glendale Pain Control Center. I have missed DA but I am curious I have submitted a few poems to magazine and have gotten published but I am unsure if a magazine says they will accept any poem published on the web do they mean DA? Would I be breaking their submission guidelines if I submitted a poem I posted on DA? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Usually what I do is make sure anything I post here is only visible to logged-in users (Sharing: Hide & Require login to view under Publishing Options) and then store or delete it before I send it out. As far as I know the basic rule of thumb is that if you can Google it, you can't submit it.
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